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  1. I have a Moto X4. Bought it for $300 last year when my old phone died. I could do with a better camera, but to really get a phone that improves on that I have to pay at least 300 more, I can get a professional camera for that money.

    The one other feature I'd like is a better DAC, which is a feature no phone company even talks about.

    I guess if I cared about gaming in the phone I'd be interested in a flagship, but other than that, I don't see why would someone even spend so much on something that improves nothing.

    Maybe there isn't a huge need for performance if you don't install social apps like Facebook or Instagram in your phone, those eat up all memory and battery on most phones.

  2. Change your mind? Bullit Group's CAT (as in Caterpillar the construction equipment company) S61 Rugged Smart Phone. For those of us who yearn for the time when phones were durable and aren't cookie cutters of other phones. This phone has a built in FLIR thermal camera, laser tape measure (or a built in Animal entertaining laser, your choice), VOC air sensor, dual sim functionality, MicroSD expansion, Type-C port, full IP68 waterproofing, 4500mAH battery, and real physical buttons easy to operate with gloves.

  3. I have an S9… because my S6 finally gave up after the baby happened to it. I remember a Samsung brick that was indestructible in the early 00s.

  4. def agree on every other point in this video and i cant stand bigger screens and expensive phones, stopped staying up to date with this stuff. but to nitpick i think the folding phone was just to see if they could and to show off as a marketing strategy.

  5. I mean a folding phone is cool and it's not like you are forced to buy it so they are going to sell it for the people that want it and there are people that want it.

  6. My new moto z3 1/2 price ($240 for 2 yrs.) Only draw back is usb c adapter to 3.5 mm Jack. Which I haven't used since radios left phones. Loved my phone's with fm radios.

  7. User removable batteries should be , I hate to say this , required or face a 2million per unit tax to sell them in the United States.
    I lije phones that are large enough to see street names on Google maps. Personally want a 10 inch Galaxy Note with a removable battery.

  8. The crazy thing is the tech media just going along with it that now "flagships" are $700+ and "midrange" is now $400-500. FFS I just read an article yesterday praising the Moto G7 at $300 as a budget option.

  9. These days a $150-200 phone can be a great thing. Sure you're not getting the highest end processors or screens but in a few years OLED and those 855s will be on "economy" phones.

  10. I usually agree with you, Louis. I disagree here.

    No one wanted a touchscreen only phone when the iPhone came out, either.

    I really like the folding phone idea. I see that being pretty handy. And, like all other tech, it's cutting edge…prices will come down.

  11. It's just marketing. It all comes down to that. Smartphones are really hot right now. So they have to push every POSSIBLE "innovation" they can. Or they will lose to another company that does. You've seen the same with digital camera's in the past, with prebuilt PCs in the late 90s and game consoles as well. In the end there will ALWAYS be a next big thing and then the current big thing will wind down to be a normal usable device again. Look at (pre built) PCs these days, none of them are really high end, but they all are very similar. Same thing will happen to smartphones.

  12. Yup .. totally with you Louis, upgraded from an S4 mini to an S4, then for no reason other than I wanted something newer, I got a second hand s6 …. But now I can't play my music because I can't plug in my 200gig sd card with my music on it (or change my battery, though I've never had to get a new battery for a phone) … So I upgraded from an s6 to an S5 (yes, that's an upgrade in terms of my needs) … S5 is doing me just fine, and don't see anything any better on the market to date (based on my needs)

  13. I got the s9+.
    I miss my old phone that barely ran Whatsapp because I now have to carry a fucking batterypack everywhere.
    With the battery saving modes I got Z5c to run 2 and a half days.
    Sony truly was the best smartphone. Sad they had almost no sales and had to fire a part of their department.
    Even my 6'1 is not large enough for the damn phone.

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