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  1. The shell may be the luxury department but the inside of it it is the cheapest you can imagine these days. This phone is the reflection of rich peoples like Trump.

  2. Yeah coze Russians crazy and itโ€™s only 2 ways to live in Russia – superduper rich or super poor .. so if this device is 5K you can pay your rent in Russia for like 2 years , but someone just spend this amount of money on a phone from 2008. You have to see a Russian โ€œsmart caseโ€ , they spend 15 millions $ on that โ€œsmart caseโ€ and guess what – is not working. lol

  3. Bro …..

  4. I fell like if you rang a person who unironically purchased one of these phones, you could persuade them to invest in your "new" invention called "tweeter."

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