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  1. Hope there are more weapons cuz rage 1 had multiple rifles and shotguns…..this looks like another car cry with its fast paced pink retro look….they should of kept the wasteland look….what a shame.

  2. Looks lame, just a reskinned far cry new dawn with it a pink and retro atmosphere…..where is the rustic wasteland at with normal looking guns? What a joke

  3. If I'm going to be op, hopefully I can get a sniper or at least put magnification scopes on my guns. Hard to see enemy detail if they always run into your bullets and are dead before u get close. Ijs. ✌

  4. Hum, I don't know, the sad thing is I bought and loved Rage 1 and this one doesn't look like Rage at all so… I think they don't target the ones who bought the first and that they focus on another target audience. I'm perfectly fine with that I wish them all the success they can get.
    Just want to voice that this game looks cool but replacing the grim atmosphere, the scrap-crafting, rusty guns and the slower pace by a flashy run and gun broken ability style does not make it for me at all.

  5. Every single gameplay feature or trailer I keep seeing show off the same things and this is somewhat ruining a game I'm excited about, it's repetitious, sometimes less is more.

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