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  1. for anyone a zombie genre fan, BUY IT, its seriously worth the buy. they're already having an update coming in may! the devs are really looking out for the community.

  2. It’s not bad. Definitely fills the void for a modern Left 4 dead. May be Grindy but it’s fun. Still makes ya laugh and angry and overall when you beat a level in insane your left beat but satisfied.

    Especially since it knows its place with the price point of $40. It’s not a cash grab but a well done horde mode of a game.

  3. This game is great. If you loved l4d , you'll love this. Definitely the best zombie game this year especially since days gone looks like it might bomb 😂🤣

  4. Hm it just looks like L4D with a different name. I also feel that L4D is ultra repetitive and got boring fast. However I do crave a zombie game to play with friends

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