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  1. No spoiler for me. I was supposed to be on media black out just incase some douchbag spoils the movie for me, but couldn't help myself when i got the notification from my boyz!

  2. The only bad thing was the plot holes in **. Most of all…

    ** = Time travel.
    When Captain America went back in time, the past earth he visited was an alternate universe. Everytime an Avenger went back in time where, whenever, they entered an entirely seperate universe. Only with their wrist band can they return to both their universe and their time. Therefore, Captain America could not have went back in time in the same universe and waited to appear old as he did at the end. Contradictory.

    I can explain other time travel plot holes if anyone else is interested.

  3. I was tempted to hear your guys spoiler review. I need to get out of the comments before I read something I shouldn’t ?

  4. I’m sorry I like you guys and your spoiler free part is good but please for the love of fuck don’t post spoiler reviews before the general audience can see it. I get that we don’t have to watch it but it arms the assholes and trolls of the world with ammo to ruin the experience that you were lucky enough to have spoiler free

  5. Haven't seen it yet, wasn't super hyped but watching the spoiler part were Ant-Man managed to take down Thanos really got me hyped!

  6. Hey Sam and Ralph, would you consider adding "SPOILERS" to the title of the video? I had this on in the background and wasn't devoting my full attention and ended up getting something spoiled. Yes, after going back and re-listening, you clearly sate twice that there will be spoilers, and yes, this is totally on me for not paying closer attention. However, if the video had been marked with spoilers in the title, I probably wouldn't have opened the video or at least paid closer attention. Not trying to make a stink, and no anger on my part – just trying to help others from making the same mistake that I did.

  7. I bet you that they replaced the CM destroying Thanos right after the movie bombed and that it was the Russo brothers making the film. I am willing to bet they will be replacing Brie soon and/or eliminating CM in a movie or two when the ratings for her plummet. Everyone, including Disney, understands that the only real reason CM held up at all was due to its placement. It might be Brie that is the only one who is clueless. I think she will be ejected and that will be her career. Either way, I am glad we can end this saga of 10 years the right way. That was the only concern I had.

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