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  1. Back in my day you had to grind at the game to unlock skins and bonuses, it’s almost like this is so absurd because they want people to actually play the game to unlock stuff

  2. You probably wouldn’t buy skins for the fighters you don’t play as though. And they made it sound like you could unlock a lot of the skins in the Krypt, it just takes a while

  3. Damn that’s sad, I always thought that the creators of mortal kombat were one of the last honest gaming companies. Why would they do this. They should of stuck to the injustice 2 method.

  4. I’m getting sick of tired of these game company’s scheming us to buy more skins people ain’t going to grind 3,000 some hours to to get skins instead they will buy em instead and it just ruins the experience for me

  5. =O if I thought angry joe got mad at DOA5 for all the dlc and skins costing 1,300 I cant wait to see his review on this 🤣🤣🤣

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