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  1. BUY, BUY TWICE! Took a little of a learning curve to get used to the game but a quarter into the game it’s WOW! One of the best games I’ve played in a very long time. I bought it for both the Switch and the PS4. Side note I’ve collected most of the Battle Chasers comic book along with the variant covers and have been a Joe Mad! fan ever since. So happy to hear that his art an this video game is appreciated.

  2. The score should have been a 9 in my opinion. This game did the comic books justice very well. I still have my comica and special edition variants including #1 thru probably 5. I wonder how much those r worth now.

  3. This is based off of a comic series, where the characters have already built their relationships, so it would make no sense for any new relationship building. There is also no attraction between the characters, aside from Gully thinking Garrison and the others are awesome, so no love triangles would form.

  4. The story leaves alot be desired to you because you haven't read the comic books. Their backgrounds are already known if u read the comics. So go ahead and change from an 8.0 to 9.0

  5. Thanks for a bland, glossy, this game is great but it's been years since we ranked anything below a 6 in a review review to the point where even a broken game like Aliens Isolation couldn't even get a truly failing grade (5.9: merely mediocre [i.e. a so-so game one might take or leave]).

  6. Does anyone here knows if it's possible to speed up the battle with a press of a button just like Braverly Default on Nintendo 3DS or Final Fantasy World on PS Vita?

  7. Kids nowadays will never experience the type of games we grew up in such as breath of fire, chrono trigger, and such jrpg games like we did in the 90s. ?

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