Is This The BEST BUDGET DRONE for Beginners?

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  1. Just ordered one F100 with all the extra goodies in one box, to join my B3 arsenal & will be the camera bird. I think..JeJe. Good video & mijo… just subscribed. ?

  2. Thank you for the video. It answered my question, so I ordered one. I am a beginner and you convinced me this would be a good choice. Thank you! SUBBED!

  3. Commercial for the drone. Little information. Too many of these channels are simply marketing tools for the mfgs. Great that this guy is probably making a living doing this, but very little info. DIS-liked this video.

  4. Hello I tried to use that link and everything worked out and when I was on Amazon in my account, I typed in that promotional code and it didn't do anything it said that the promotional code you entered is not valid. Do you have another promo code that I can use so I can get this drone? I'm only wondering because it seem like a pretty good beginner drone. Let me know thanks again and I love your videos keep up the good work

  5. Is there any difference in the Ghost vs just the F100? or are they the same? I am seeing different ones that do not specify the ghost part and I want to make sure they are the same.

  6. awesome sir please give me one you are having two,two please……………………………………………………………..

  7. Great demo. A little more nimble than I thought it would be with as heavy as it is… Interesting music. Is that jazz hip hop or hip hop jazz? …jizzhop?

  8. awesome outdoor footage. What were you using for the video – it was great. For the review, I would not recommend a beginner drone without GPS nor auto avoid features when you are adding your after market expensive cameras. -Oh, and any drone review needs to have some real footage from the unit. But the video quality was amazing – good first go at outdoor reviews Armando!

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