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  1. I’m loving your videos so far, when you mentioned the girl reviewing it, I felt like she was overreacting, it’s so stupid how she’s complaining about the characters skin-colour or wether he’s gay.

  2. Them European's obviously know a good game when they see it, Days gone sold more physical copies in the U.K than any other game in April. It out sold mortal Kombat 11 and the division 2 which are available across platform and for it to out sale cross platform games while being exclusive to 1 says alot. But the truth of the matter is alot of people out there listen to these bs reviews and let's that keep them from buying a game that they would've other wise really enjoyed if they would've just played it their selves and made their own damn minds up. Sorry for this being so long but you are so right about these bs reviews being done by people who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to video games and I'm so tired of them constantly pushing the gay, black, and woman stuff in our faces. We get it ! It's ok to be all of these things but I don't want to feel like it has to be implemented into every single video game I play. That's just my opinion anyway.

  3. The comments and ponts made on the review and the reviewers twitter she's not played that far into the game. She's got a feminist and racial agenda. But let's be fair IGN have no idea and gave fortnite a 9.6 and sea of thieves a 7 when it had no content at launch 🙄. Bend has shown more passion in the opening scene of days gone then most put in a full game solid 8.5 game and worth £60 all day long in my opinion

  4. This is what happens when big game outlets like IGN/Gamespot let loony leftists review GOOD games like this, especially games where the protagonist is a white biker with tattoos. Even stating in the review that bikers are unsafe, which is totally false. All bikers are safe which is why they ride their whole lives….

  5. Days Gone is the A.1. Sauce of modern open-world video games, favorably appreciable amongst those who order food by pointing to the pictures.

    The game is pure dogshit.

  6. I really love the game but I will say its not perfect but they are being to harsh its not the last of us but the game is a fantastic ps4 exclusive well worth buying. 😊

  7. I don't agree with the whole leftist agenda comments. But I do agree, that as I am going through this game, there is no way that this game deserves a 6.5. It definitely has had it's issues. Most that have been resolved with updates. But that stupid thumbs up and down video… Why?

  8. SJW's bitched about killing black infected people in Resident Evil 5
    Same SJW's bitching about killing white infected people in Days Gone
    Sometimes you just can't win with these braindead idiots.

  9. That Lucy chicknis an idiot. Was she paying attention? Sony Bebd said the enemies were mutants back in 2016. She works for the media and didn't know that? Obviously their skin has gone through changes so their race is unknown. As a black man I do not want another forced gay black character. She is being a hypocrite demanding games represent her lifestyle while others are excluded.

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