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  1. Oh man, so strange to look at a reaction party without actual knowledge about the show. Ghost and Jon has a psychic connection, not a high level but they have. The goodbye was done this way. I like doggies but Ghost is not a dog but a dire wolf. Ah, why do I bother, the writers of the show threw the lore out of the window too so it doesn't matter anymore.

  2. Been reading comments since it went off and seems like a lot of fans are mad. Personally I hated last week's episode but thought this one was awesome. Dany is getting scary AF. Don't think Cersei is the main villain. At least a couple of big turns coming.

  3. I can already tell the ending of GOT will piss me off
    Looks like we're done with the night king
    Cut Arya and Sansa Reaction finding out about Jon Not being their brother
    Jon doesn't say goodbye to ghost

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