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  1. Ahh, the Avatar sequels. Four new chapters of one of the most overrated movies of all time that nobody wanted or asked for. I'll pass. I'll also pass on any and every star wars film that has Johnson at the helm.

  2. I really hope "Skywalker" doesn't overtake Spies in Disguise at the box office this Christmas. Just because that film's taking distributing rights, does NOT mean it's Disney's property. I still consider it Non-Disney.

  3. Its not about quantity. Its all about quality that leaves lasting impression and memories. Disney should be driven by that ideal and not go through the same path the new star wars trilogy took which is hardly memorable or exciting. The first was decent at best, 2nd was horrible in more ways than decent, 3rd which is this coming year being their last saving grace to put things right and i really hope they do for my beloved franchise, but you can never be sure these days

  4. that day is not far when Disney will control everything. That mouse will have the most evil grin on his face that day

  5. In other changes,Ā The New Mutants, theĀ X-MenĀ movie starringĀ Game of ThronesĀ star Maisie Williams, will be out on April 3, 2020, instead of 2019.Ā Gambit, another Fox spin-off from theĀ X-MenĀ films, has been dropped from the calendar for now.

  6. Avatar made close to 2.8 billion because of it being the first movie with basically all CGI. But now CGI isnt new anymore, sure they could keep improving it drastically but the rest avatar films that there making a trilogy out of. I'm sure each film wont make anywhere close to 2.7 bill

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