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  1. just came from GamingBolt’s review to see how IGN’s compares

    GamingBolt = 9, IGN = 7? 🤦🏽‍♂️ gimme a fuckin’ break, I’ll stick w/ other reviewers

  2. I dont think IGN realized that this isnt a triple A studio and that the quality isnt going to be that of one so we should support it if we LIKE the story and the next ones down the road as the company gets bigger will be a lot more coherent and make a balance between story and gameplay. that said that means its like a 9/10 people are too picky on games now a days.

  3. rage 2 got an 8 from u that has an average of 73 on meta but this game u gave it a lower score which is by far a more superior game

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