Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis – Bulls Take control!!!

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Bitcoin price technical analysis. Don’t miss today’s up-to-date objective Bitcoin price prediction with informative and concise TA.
Bitcoin price today analysed and forecast using advanced Technical Analysis. Trading BTC/USD with an objective view.


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My trading strategy is based on a confluence of Elliott Wave (EW), Pitchforks (PF) and Order Blocks (OB)

Default settings:

Order Blocks:

Yellow – 15 minute timeframe
Pink – 1 hour timeframe
Green – 4 hour timeframe
Blue – 1 day timeframe
Red – 1 week timeframe
Black – 1 month timeframe


1 Standard Deviation – Blue line (Upper/Lower Median Line)
2 Standard Deviations – Dotted Black line (Upper/Lower Warning Line)


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The information provided by Waves618 is not to be used as financial advice. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Waves618 does not advise that you buy or sell anything. Always perform your own market research and trade at your own risk


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  1. You are by far my favourite crypto technical analyst, and the one I respect the most. I love your zen like chilled approach to technical analysis, and how you convey your trading ideas, and that you're open to changing the outlook of your thesis, as the chart develops. I really respect you for that. I've been a big fan of your videos since the beginning, and frequently share your videos. I've been watching your videos for over a year now, and you always give other possibilities in your analysis. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Thanks for the videos mate ive been following from the start,
    i have been waiting to invest for months and was convinced it was going to drop below 3k and have now missed the lows like many, when would you now recommend to buy in to alts and btc? as im reluctant to buy in now at these prices. Many thanks

  3. Sad to hear about negativism, but put it aside. You're not a fortune-teller. I always have and still very much appreciate the honest content of your videos. Btw; I certainly missed to buy at the bottom, but your videos keep adding knowledge of how to read charts and market-understanding. Keep it up!!

  4. Ignore the hate. Please understand that is misplaced when people do this because what you tell them is what they do not want to hear. They are angry at themselves, not you. Excuse my poor english

  5. anyone complaining about switching bias is not worth arguing with as they likely aren't very experienced. Any trader worth his salt knows you have to be able to switch bias as new price action is available. another excellent video. thanks for sharing!

  6. Try not to care the hate, it is just how an idiot react, because of disappointment. Nobody is always right, you do very good, and 90 % of the TA-rs didn't saw this coming. Keep going on pls , great job ! Thanks

  7. Please, those haters might be bigginers and don't really understand how TA works yet. They are just looking for someone to tell them what to do with certainty and we all know that is no possible.
    Keep it up! Much appreciated all your work!
    Thank you!!

  8. Haters are ppl who are not able to decide by themselves !!! And blaming the others for they mistakes or missed opportunities.
    I'm still quite spectic about this parabolic bull run, but it is there and we have to do with it… How hard will be the corrrection? It's the interesting answer I want to see !
    My opinion is that the price is currently in an extended 5th wave alreday of a potential Wave 1 of next run… or an X-wave still on the bearish side…

  9. Loved your videos and course <3 only recommendation is your waves618 intro just about rips my ears off lol scares the flip outta me usually

  10. So to confirm your first target is a retracement to $5800 – 6k with the possiblity of going to $4500? Do you see us going to 4k or 3.5k as a retest?

  11. Thanks man, you got a new follower, dont mind the haters, some people treat bull/bear like its personal. Gotta adapt and trade the direction.. great content👍🏻

  12. Hi Waves, when I zoom in on the first leg up from the bottom I can count a clear 5 wave up. Maybe it is our wave 1 ?

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