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  1. Great reviews thanks. I’m wondering if there will be space for a Chromecast too as we are going to be needing one so friends can watch whilst others play. I do like the official one best too albeit a little pricey.

  2. you know that VR Mask that can smell which type of setrting you're in or blow hot or cold air, called "Feel Real"? was wondering if you've seen it or heard of it and was wondering if it's worth getting it?

  3. Thanks for the guide. I'd found your channel after looking for details on the current state of VR after using the Gear VR for a good while, and it's been very informative, helping me come to the ultimate conclusion to pre order a Quest, and now I've gone for the official case for it as well as I just love the look and design. I'd love to get a Rift at some point as well as I do have a PC that is VR ready, but for me the social aspect and portability of the Quest wins over graphical fidelity, and the ability to cast to a TV adds to the group play experience in a way that was noticeably lacking from the Gear VR experiences. Thank you for these helpful videos. I look forward to more to guide me in my purchases of games and experiences in the future.

  4. I like the looks of that lowpro.. however I may still wait to see what 3rd party "unofficial" Quest cases may pop up after Quest is released. Don't forget some may need room for a chrome cast and some VR covers as well 🙂 Good video and review overall.

  5. Do you think the quest is worth it? I want to buy it because I have a pretty shitty PC and the fact that you don't need one for the quest is nice but do you think the experience is good?

  6. The price of the official case is a missed opportunity to compete with non official cases. Even $5 less would make it more appealing. They shouldn’t pretend it’s anything particularly fancy.

  7. I picked up the Navitech Rift case on eBay for $17. It looks better than these. It is also available on Amazon for more if you do not like eBay.

  8. Does anyone know if the Quest would be Airplane-travel friendly??

    Not sure if the Oculus GO was plane-friendly, but if any of you say that it is, then the Quest must be okay to use on the plane, then. No…?

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