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  1. Update from this morning: esportsinsider reported that the deal is close to being done and this was the end of the article, "If this deal does indeed go through, we find it hard to see how OpTic Gaming will still exist: its LCS team would be rebranded, Immortals owns MIBR so it can’t retain the Danish CS:GO team, and Call of Duty franchising means that the brand wouldn’t exist as we currently know it come 2020. This, all in all, would be a sad sight for the industry considering OpTic Gaming is undoubtedly one of the leading brands and only seemed to be getting better up until 2018." L's in the chat for OpTic for man

  2. Its the franchising that will kill optic 25m for a spot and u need a city, sponsors and trademarks. fuck you activision this is gonna ruin cod. 25m for a league spot where the winnings don't even cover half of that lol its a fucking complete joke.

  3. Man hecz just wanted to make money for his family I don’t think he thought all this would be taking place like this. Infiniti just wanted to flip there shares for profit it seems like.

  4. OpTic is the most important organization in COD history, no argument there. If they go down, Call of Duty will take a blow that CANNOT be fixed…

  5. Optics drives the COD world league. Optic plays, the views go up tremendously. I just really hope optic doesn’t go away, the cod team wise , been with them since I was 13. Now I’m 17 this can’t happen 🙁

  6. The background music it's ksi's music right?
    It would be really bad if optic ended… I started playing cod competitively because I watched scumpi

  7. Been a fan of OpTic ever since I watched their first CWL match if I can remember. I’ll be sad to see them guys disband. OpTic is my favorite team and will always be. My dream was to join OpTic for either COD, Battlefield or Gears of War but sadly I’m not great like them. Hopefully I can still buy OpTic gear if it’s in stores or something

  8. Let the CWL die, and Keep the OPTIC brand and create your own content on your own. Boot camp with other orgs and what not. Activision is fucking COD over.

  9. They should have announced franchising 5 years in advance, worst decision that CWL has ever made, and all of the community is suffering

  10. That's what happens when you become greedy and lose control of your company for selling out Hecz is a sell out and the only one to blame for becoming super greedy

  11. Dude they just reversed gen g. Dont ungreen them 😩 I feel for everyone and hope everyone involved maintains their positions going forward.

  12. This is all because game studios got real greedy. They started charging 30 million plus for league spots which forced teams like optic to sell stakes to super rich companies to get spots. Now Some orgs, even the rich ones are getting cold feet about spending 30 million on a cwl spot when views aren't that high and its a risky investment since you dont make money from ticket sales or tv deals, activision couldn't care less if a CWL spot is only worth 1 million in 5 years, they'd have their cash and that was the whole point of this elaborate scam.

  13. Can we play together sometime fr..I almost won your tournament and been watching you for awhile I want to play or play with you..could be a good upload for you.

  14. The cod team isn’t going under. If infinite e-sports knows anything about marketing and branding, they will keep at least the cod team under the optic name.

  15. I hate the way this is going, if immortal buys optic, the CS team is gone, OWL team is gone, I feel like they are just doing it for the LOL team, CWL team will prob become Immortals

  16. If I’m 100% on this, if optic drops cod it might be the best thing for them, here’s why. The cwl is pretty much reliant on optic for majority views and sponsorships drivers to keep it alive. Plus call of duty as a whole on average has very little viewership on twitch unless optic members or content creators are streaming. If optic really focused on league of legends and over watch, I feel like there esports brand as a whole would actually flourish, then focusing on a dying esport with little to no viewership. My opinion, would love to hear others. Would be really sad to see them be gone though.

  17. CWL should be very worried. Since it seems like neither FaZe or 100T buying league spots. Now this OpTic issue. CWL might come to an end.

  18. biggest mistake hecz made was selling the majority, and to anyone who says they had to to be able to grow, look at nade got investments and is still majority shareholder, as for content creators they can all go they lazy af, except BigT and Hitch

  19. Hecz can buy the OpTic “brand” keep the cod team drop ca and owl get investors and keep majority stake and try too bid for a spot in the cwl league if he wants too

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