This camera detects, hacks and takes down drones | CNBC Reports

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As drones become more popular so does the need for protection against the devices. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi tests out new anti-drone technology.


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  1. Dang all I thought of was a projectile that disperse small strings toward the drone a spread about 13 feet wide 15 feet long I think an i can time it for longer distance but it's hard an don't work all the time but easy to make an faster to reload another

  2. I'm "assuming" the connection between the drone and the remote is unencrypted that is why they can "hack" the drone. However over time people are just going to wise up and "encrypt" the communication between the drone and the remote. This "solution" is going to be only good for a short while.

  3. If there are regulations for flying near private apartments and you use a device to hack the drone, you are making a Citizen's Arrest.

  4. Their ia no need for this it is illegal to fly in any other type of airspace except for type g so if your airspace isnt type g and you see a drone call the police or government they will fine the operator of the uas

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