Trading Bitcoin – Is a Top Finally In? or is $9,442 Next?

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  1. Go back and watch Tone Vays Video for the last 6 months, just absolute rubbish spruicking courses no one showed up to and promoting the HyperFraud clowns (Tyler and Leah confidence Scammers). Tone needs to take a break from Youtube and go trade or something. FFS stop promoting fucking AMAZON links? Absolutely Zero calls Correct, NONE> not one. Unsubscribe.

  2. @Tone Vays thanks for the consistent educational videos! When you brought up the 31 day chart and monthly it got me thinking, can this be the "1-4 candle correction" off of the 9 bottom (on the 31 day chart) and A13 (monthly) correcting the down trend, new countdown to follow? Thanks again

  3. Tapped on the video bc YT kept recommending and was curious what this idiot was going to say and turned out to be worthless, wasn’t surprised.

    Why do so many of you subscribe to this fool?

    I watched him on FUDtv as he was being interviewed and this is how he introduced himself while providing his background…

    Brief summary:
    – previously was a professional teacher, I think he taught HS…I’m guessing he wasn’t a very good teacher nor liked my students.
    – went back to college and got some business degree
    – got a job as an analyst with Chase (don’t recall which sector/industry he was an analyst for)
    – he called the housing bubble in 2006 and took all his money and shorted the housing market and lost it all as 2006 was arguably the peak or about right before the peak

    Sometime after that he left his job (I’m leaning on the fact he was laid off).

    I couldn’t take his interview anymore so I stopped watching as he started to spew his thoughts on how only btc could survive and that eth and all other alt coins were going to zero. What a dumb animal.

    And I see in other comments where he talks about $1k btc and now he’s comparing current btc price action to 2011 – current gold market?! Wtf?

    What does the gold market that is beyond mature have anything to do with btc in its infancy?!

    Why the hell would you waste your time and money attending his classes let alone another YT video?!

    He has no history of success in his life…

    Are all his videos like this? No real TA nor walking through different scenarios and what different indicators are saying?

    You want btc TA, watch Krown at Krown’s crypto cave.

  4. I like Tone. He's a mess! He's way out of my league when it comes to trading know-how. Much respect! And when it comes to educating people we are very lucky to have his help. Thanks, Tone! I am looking forward to meeting you in Dallas.

  5. Complaining like it was Tone's fault if you lost all your money ahah
    Your trades, your money! If you act without thinking, it is your fault. Grow up, people.

    By the way, how convenient that the bull trend starts after big problems with two of the biggest exchanges. Bitfinex creates a scam token and the market jumps up. What is really happening?? I m still skeptical. I prefer to wait to see what happens in the next few months. Regardless of what tone or anybody else says.

  6. i dont think you can compare bitcoin with gold and silver, bitcoin is gonna dominate over the next 10 years. we are still in the beginning of the world getting to know bitcoin

  7. I don't think tone 's TA will have any value after this point, it's completely garbage. So sorry but it is the truth.

  8. God you're insufferable. Just admit that this market doesnt follow usual TA because its a class of players operating on non traditional sentiment and ignorant of support n resistence, simply reactive to critical mass news moves and whales who chose the manipulation patterns.

    Just stop it.

    The fact youre spending time with Ian Balina.. lol educate his followers. Just say youre a business dude, just admit it n move on

    Btw Charlie Lee builds stuff, you apply ledger tactics to a nascent market.. youre another useless narcicist man


  9. I'm not interested in Bitcoin. I agree completely. Leah says Tyler mined in 2011 and got Gox'd. Tyler says he's never owned bitcoin only GBTC. How does this chart work Leah? I agree completely. I've managed meelions of dollars. The DOW is going to won thouzan in 1990. I was wrong. I'll try to hide it even though it's in the Washington Post. Tyler says hyperwave has never been wrong at Unconfiscatable. I'm 100% sure. I'm 99.99% sure. I'm 99% sure. I'm 80% sure. I missed the bottom and bought the top. I'm Dean Tyler Jenks I agree completely. The DOW was going to won thouzan so Bitcoin is going to won thouzan. I beeleeve it's going to ten meelion even though I dont understand it but it has to touch won thouzan! This will be my redemption. I knew I was always right even though I was wrong and the Nasdaq was wrong but hyperwave has always been right. I miss the bottom and buy the top and call my hypothesis a theory because all these coursecucks don't know the difference and neither do I! I'm not interested! I agree completely! I did the same thing with gold! Buy my course on consensio, which is just percentages based on moving average I've already given away in the past and it's useless for something that moves as fast as bitcoin anyway! A tumbleweed rolls down the ghost town of Hyperrekt Clientville. I agree completely and I'm not interested until Bitcoin, the DOW, and gold all capitulate to won thouzan synchronously leading to my redemption. The only reason you are reading this is because of the world's leading expert on the random number generator and you can't tell I'm just as clueless as you are that will be won thouzan dollars.

  10. Some of us are not retarded and we know exactly why are you doing this. "Is 9442 next"? You're saying that just so you can easily exit the market and dump your bags on your followers. Not gonna work with me bro 😉

  11. High probability to finish the year over 20k now. I do not think people realize how bullish this move is. Also according to your prior videos you should not have any btc left. What I am getting from your TA is that you do not believe in it yourself. Lol Now watch Eth go to 500 and then take the number 1 spot over the next 4 years.

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