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  1. There is a ton of really amazing work in Dreams and you guys don't appreciate it.
    What stuff people created in literal weeks without knowledge of the software is amazing and you will look again at it in some months saying it's the best thing the videogame world needed.

  2. Could you imagine IGN ripping into a game that’s only been out for 2 weeks, choosing some creations that were possibly done in 2 hours and calling the game bad?
    I can because that’s the way IGN works.

  3. But… why?
    Minecraft was and is fun to play, even when it was in bare-bones beta state, it was still incredibly fun to play. This just seems like one of those "hey, you can make your games here!".

    Creating isn't using someone's work, it's about coming up with new ideas. Indie games have been creating for a very long time and this? This is just a cash-grab, because let's face it, they'll make millions on all of the clickbaits this thing will achieve.

  4. Wow….you just looked for the worst remakes you could find n make it seem thats what Dreams is all about. Dreams is way better than this n has loads of amazing creations already and the early access has been out for a few weeks. Don't listen or believe this is what dreams is about everyone, its way better

  5. Seriously IGN dreams was just released how you going blast people hard work toying around with tools early..smh..and course they dont show off the better games

  6. A whole series based on the terrifying aspects of Dreams…To give this game a rep that there’s nothing but underdeveloped models and remakes, surely this won’t hurt the marketing for this game at all 😔

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