Life Is a Virtual Reality Game! | 6 Questions to Help You Win This Game!

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Life is a vitual reality game. Reality is not Fixed! In this video I will share with you 6 questions you need to ask yourself to win this game!


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  1. Mam tomorrow is lord Buddha s birthday . He spent most of his life in India so come to India to visit . May be India economically poor but India is rich in mind .

  2. I know with experience that once one problem gets solved, another crops up and another and another… After this video, I am taking a different approach to life.

  3. Is is possible to doing so much think like increasing your energy, clear subconscious mind, visualise and meditate often, then seeing conflicting results or having dark night of the soul. Is this a kind of ''the night is darkest before the down'' thing of universe? Or is this a way negativity says ''goodbye'' and new life will start show up?
    I don't think I did something wrong but for few months I've been feeling sensitive towards everything, some fears came to surface and anxiety wich I didn't have before. Can help me understand what's happening?

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