Top 10 All-New E-Bikes that Offer High Tech Features in 2020

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How much time do you usually spend in heavy traffic? It might seem insignificant, but in a year that half an hour a day, could actually transform to a week of wasted time.

Good thing is, though, that modern personal transport doesn’t linger in the past and gives you an opportunity to abandon the car and zoom past the stalled traffic on an electric bicycle. Today we will reveal a lineup of all new ebike models that continue to improve the comfort of daily commute, offer additional security and smart features, ride faster and at times have more affordable pricing.

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Skoda Klement:

The roots of Skoda as a company go back all the way to the 19th century, when the company was started as a bicycles and motorcycles manufacturing business. This ebike concept was named after Václav Klement, one of Skoda’s cofounders.

Greyp G6:

Greyp Bikes is a company that branched off the Croatian manufacturer of electric hypercars Rimac Automobili. With this all-new eMTB Greyp G6, Mate Rimac and co are trying an innovative approach to the market: instead of power and speed which were inherent to the previous G12 model,

TRIS Bike:

Tricycles have existed as long as their two-wheel counterparts, so no wonder why electrified models with this construction are common as well. The Tris bike, is an all new EV arriving from Italy to help out those riders who seek improved stability and confidence on the road.

FUELL Fluid:

The young startup led by Eric Buel and Alfa Romeo’s legendary engineer, Frédéric Vasseur, is currently working on the development of a sporty electric motorcycle, Flow, but before its debut, they are readying to go into production with a different transportation solution, namely, the Fuell Fluid ebike.


iWEECH is an urban electric bicycle with artificial intelligence. The model has 2 riding modes: free ride and i.ride, where the latter controls the battery charge to make sure there is always enough juice to get you to your destination.

Wing Bikes Freedom S:

2019 Wing Bikes Freedom S is a compact electric bike model designed specifically to fit smaller riders and cycle narrow streets. Powered by a 350W electric motor, the bike comes with one of three battery pack options, which provide from 35 to 60 miles of range.


2019 Elbi is a hustle-free alternative to high-maintenance competition. Unlike many other e-bikes, the ELBI has no chain in its construction and instead features a reinforced carbon belt drive, which does not require lubrication and is not susceptible to poor weather.

Tempus The Titan:

The Titan is an eye-catching e-bicycle from the Ontario-based startup Tempus Electric Bikes that embodies the company’s vision of a contemporary city-commuter that feels equally at home both on and off the paved streets. It is available in two versions, a 500W Titan C and a 1000W Titan R.

GOTRAX Shift S1:

GOTRAX Shift S1 is a perfect last mile transport to get to the campus or workplace and have fun while doing so. The e-bicycle weighs just 37 lbs and has a 2-point portable folding frame so you can take it with you on the bus and store it in an apartment. It is also quite affordable with a price if $800.

United City Bikes The One:

2019 United City Bikes The One is expected to eclipse the competition by becoming the lightest and the most compact folding electric bicycle on the market. It is currently available for pre-order with a 50% discount and a starting price of $800.

Ampler Lineup: /

The Berlin, Germany, based startup, Ampler, combines modern technology and traditional bicycle formula, with the focus on improving your daily commute. The lineup consists of three models: the flagship Curt, which is also the lightest one weighing 30 lbs, the heavier 39 lbs standard Stout and the Stellar, which comes in a step-through variant.


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