How Smartphones Sabotage Your Brain's Ability to Focus

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Our phones give us instant gratification. But there’s a cost: loss of attention and productivity. WSJ’s Daniela Hernandez goes on a quest to understand the …


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  1. I dissabled 90% of my app notifications a little over a year ago following my 19 year old brother's suicide. It's greatly reduced stress to not have constant distractions. Additionally, most of the time my phone is set to silent and I have scheduled do not disturb times too. I've seen many people talk about being addicted to social media and this is a virtually instant cure. When there isn't a little red notification bubble on FB or IG etc. there's no impulse to tap it. I was surprised how quickly I stopped checking social media.

  2. Science is telling us to have more casual conversations with our co-workers? No, thanks. I would rather be on twitter arguing with a stranger in Finland about things that will never concern either of us.

  3. what you call Sabotage i call augments im very forgetful but the one point i find that helps me is question structure and the ability to save information where i need it overall ive made tuns of innovative products but would be so lost without my smartphone its a rather simple mindset and facebook is a tool that aids keeping people in the loop to finding new partners

  4. Of course we will have short attention. Bosses expect us to quickly reply on whatsapp groups. Companies shouldn't make employees office whatsapp groups. Smh.

  5. Cal Newport has been spot on regarding this topic. Phone + social media destroys productivity & quality of life to boot.🧬👎🤳

  6. "doing more things and using cell phone all day makes your focus strained" color me surprised, no need for the brain diagram I understand.

  7. Dear Wall Street Journal,
    I agree 100%
    Tired of upgrades.
    Let's begin with Windows 3.1
    There was never a Windows 1.0.
    Prior to that was a BBS, most were free and local. Why do we need anti social media?
    Phone numbers are given for a reason.
    Peace ✌

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  9. this is a great video, and I really like the lady and the research she did, mad respect, but she could use some lip balm… Im sorry but its the truth, dont wanna hurt anyone but if she sees this maybe she will buy some

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