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  1. One thing i can see on this video MKBHD is not criticizing the retracting camera. And MKBHDs' speed test for the retracting camera was unfair. MKBHD pressing the timer after pressing the camera touch button. Most of the Youtubers are supporting one plus's selfie camera but when vivo introduced this kind of tech they all criticized that model without even thinking that that tech will be the future tech. I don't understand these people.

  2. The very first line pissed me off ! Phone of the year ? Seriously ? Definitely as of now s10+ holds that tag and chances r even by the year end it shall be the phone of the year..
    Also, I remember last year while ranking the phones he picked OnePlus 6/6T as the best phone of 2018! That's biasedness to the core.. YouTubers are clearly biased towards OnePlus phones, since OnePlus is a youtuber friendly company.. gives them early access to reviews, compared to other companies, special edition boxes and invites..etc
    Coming to the phone, with a sliding mechanism I would rate it pretty low in the ladder ! It's not the best implementation.. Samsung is the best in terms of innovation. They could have easily gone for a sliding mechanism for a full screen, but they know it's a more gimmicky implementation, and also compromising on other aspects.
    Also Samsung gave a tight slap to OnePlus by including even a headphone jack, with a bigger battery. OnePlus earlier had tried to fool public by saying bigger battery space doesn't allow room for a jack bla bla..
    No more following MKBHD!

  3. It was such a tough decision between the 7 pro and the S10+ but at the end speed, design, warp charge, and price convinced me. Arriving tomorrow and I can't wait.

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