The BITCOIN & PRECIOUS METALS Roller Coaster Ride — TraderStef

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TraderStef joins me to discuss the roller coaster ride we take when owing Bitcoin, gold and silver — and in this one we go deep into the charts that show where we may be headed. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. And trump just vetoed a bill to stop the war in Yemen hope that truth gold gets through to your gold people that gold listen to you ,please people do your own research don’t go left or right go right or wrong

  2. YouTube scum are definitely shadowbanning sites like this. Now I get 90% Fox News clips in the "Recommended for you". I rarely watch them but the gatekeeping YouTube morons probably figure if you watch right leaning stuff they can substitute Fox News rather than watch the non-controlled alternative media.

  3. Bitcoin was started by the global elitests to get everyone to stop using paper money and use electronic currency so they can monitor everything we buy thus removing more of our right to privacy

  4. Don't get me wrong,when it comes to crypto currency exchange,I'm definitely not alone in saying I don't necessarily understand it and have fear of the same CB's throwing in their forms of crypto currency. I know for a fact these central bankers have been banking on average folks ignorance,of these types of currencies, precious metals and their manipulation,what different bubbles (housing etc) ,and what the federal reserve/central banks really are,and what they do. Granted,I've been trying to educate myself on these things,many others as well,but still haven't gotten the full jist of the whole thing. I know people like these economic professional, traders are brilliant and trying to explain it to folks,but I think they'd have a much easier time,and way bigger reach,if they (for lack of better words) dumb it down alot, especially for people not following events like us. Average people are busy w family/working,life in general, when numbers,stats, derivatives etc are spoken about,eyes roll back in their heads and they've just stopped hearing what's being said. I know,I was doing this,and since I've been trying to explain it to people,this is what they do. In order to reach regular, everyday people,it needs to be totally dumbed down to ways people can understand, specifically,how it's what's making them have to work 2jobs just to survive (so to speak). Why it's been raising the price of everything we buy etc etc. No stats,no deep explaining, just to the end result,and how it effects them daily.

  5. 40:51     I agree…  holding a silver coin or a silver round is much better than owning a bitcoin on a computer screen.  Nothing's better than physical silver.

  6. I have a feeling from many economists I've been listening to that,it Trump/white hats aren't just targeting gold to back the new currency, silver will play some roll as well. Now I'm not an economic major or anything,just saying what I'd been hearing and gut feeling.

  7. My scrap pile is more valuable than gold way do you think the Jews own all the scrap yards. It take s gold to Buy scrap but it take's scrap to make everything. Down the road My scrap will be Worth more than all the gold.

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