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Sorry about the stream getting cut off, friends- YouTube suspended the stream, although I believe my playing of the 60 Minutes segment was fair use. I’ll update you guys, next time: you can watch the rest of the clip via the link in my description!

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  1. I am a former ATO (Australian Taxation Office) employee.
    We still have strict rules in regards to recording the cryptocurrency transactions on purchase, transfer and disposal (sale).

    When buying the asset we need to record the date, amount purchased in AUD, the number or fraction of digital assets received, the cryptocurrency wallet address it was paid into and any fees involved (this helps to work out the cost base for the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) that will apply on the eventual disposal (sale) of the asset).

    When selling the the cryptocurrency you need to record where you sold it, the address you sent it to. The sale amount in AUD, any fees on the sale, the capital gain or loss (based on the cost base and whether or not the CGT discount is applied (for the CGT discount to apply the asset must have been held for 12 months or more. If it was held for 12 months or more then 50% of the gain gets reported in the capital gains section of the tax return, where the capital gains will be paid at the investors marginal rate of tax).

    You need to keep the records for a minimum of 7 after the year of lodging the tax return for the year in which the transaction took place.

    While it is good that the ATO has clarified the taxation of cryptocurrency. The record keeping is very onerous and complicated.

    [This is not a substitute for any sort of taxation advice and is merely a summary of information based off the ATO website. If you want to know more about how the tax works if you are an Australian then please see a taxation specialist].

  2. This all delays for etfs are fir the reason. They want to finish their goverment project to control crypto. Several years ago no fucking id when buying btc. When goverment can control btc and USE then etf aproval… taxation is a theft!

  3. Despite the news event being largely expected, the Bitcoin price has responded by gaining more than 5% immediately following the announcement)

  4. Omar – bro the FDIC does NOT have enough reserves to pay back even 10% or holdings in banks. It was shown in the years following the 2008 bank crisis that the amount held for insurance was low…

  5. This is great….but how in the world am I going to explain to them about staking eth on makerdao to generate dai and buying more eth, then staking those as well to long eth…..LOL

  6. Hi Omar, what's that liquid market cap? Is it something like openmarketcap? Thank you for al your information! Great video! Great channel!

  7. Then………… the young Cobinhood electrical engineer realized he could just scam money off of people and never work a day ! Such is the scummy Asian crypto market.

  8. and all the shills who promoted it made sure to say they aint selling hahahahahaha. watch. then they look like gods for isreal. hahahaha we know the old formula od scams. lol

  9. still have my BCC coins, staking coins on the QT wallet lol. Dont think Bitionnect 2.0 is from the actual developers of the blockcahin (who are not scammers imo) .There are REAL BCC groups on twitter dedicated to the BCC blockchain, you are right 2.0 are prob not legit but who knows. I want it to come back though. btw they NEVER guaranteed 1% per day. somre days were 0%….

  10. Sorry about the stream getting cut off, friends- YouTube suspended the stream, although I believe my playing of the 60 Minutes segment was fair use. I'll update you guys, next time: you can watch the rest of the clip via the link in my description!

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