Talking About Smartphones in English – Spoken English Lesson

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In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about smartphones in English. Don’t forget to tell us about your smartphone in the comments! You’ll see the process of …


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  1. Hi, I have an old-fashioned mobile phone, but it still works .
    If my phone doesn't work fast when I open many apps or even one apps what do I say to describe this case in English?

  2. The most essential feature, for me, is having an excellent connection. I go sometimes to places where the connection is poor. It`d be a bonus to have two sim-card places instead of one so, I can take advantage of two different connection providers. I`m aiming for a low-price phone because I`m a kind of frugal person.

  3. Hai There, Thanks in advance for teaching us British English and I'm personally very excited to learn. But If I may suggest it would be better with big subtitles below. that's just my advice. Thank you very much 🙂

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