The most realistic Bitcoin Price and Time Forecast!

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There are multiple theories about a possible outcome for the price of Bitcoin over the next couple months/years. The Forecast presented in this video is the most realistic outcome I’ve seen so far. This ist just my personal opinion and not financial advice.

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. Bro. One question.
    If every 4 years the "reward" for miners is cut in half.
    This can lead to less incentives to mine.
    Take it to to extreme:
    When the last block is mined. How is bitcoin going to go on if there will be no reward for miners?
    No miners, no blockchain. End of story.
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. NIce video . Can you show us how the altcoins behave while bitcoin was on the last bull runs? i would find it very interesting. you could do the same diagram with altcoin movement 🙂

  3. most realistic is that we will see a semi top like we did in 2013 april , this time a top around 55k, then a correction and short after that another top in 8 months to 250k.

  4. Yes, I also see people dropping 125 grand for 1 btc by mid 2020… in my dreams 🙄.. forget it people.. nothing that significant is going to happen with the price unless we will see massive adoption of cryptos… but it’s good to have dreams 😝

  5. Can you do the forecast for the short term? When the price corrected & bumped back to 8k, I don't know what to expect next. Is the correction enough for the market of there should be more?

  6. Interesting, but you're not taking into account the fact that up until the 2017 bull market it was mostly retail money driving those % gains and most retail investors didn't even get into it because they either didn't know about it, didn't know how to and or missed out and couldn't afford it at its highs.

    This time, the next Bitcoin bull market will be driven by Fidelity, BAKKT, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade and other large Billion/Trillion dollar Financial Institutions flowing money into Bitcoin, ALONG with even more retail investors than ever before. Because of that, I believe $180K is extremely short changing it's growth potential and because of the institutions bringing major money into it makes $180K and 2 years not a realistic price and time frame prediction by today's Bitcoin fundamentals and foundation that it currently sits on.

    I believe John McAfee might actually be right or close to it. I say $500K by sometime next year… EASY! Mark this comment.

  7. I think the thing people are getting wrong this time is being too "realistic" with their price predictions. I think in this next cycle, two things will be different: 1, there will be an n^2 effect with the number of people involved. Now that we're entering a third blow-off bubble, we are going from N=2 to N=3 for this type of cycle. Twice is a fluke, thrice is a pattern. Second is that there will be an n^2 effect with the amount of capital under management for those buying in. We're going from retail investors and small institutional investors to mainstream asset managers (and possibly even sovereign funds). The story of Bitcoin is "beanie baby fad" or "the new money we all use some day" and the risk trade-off of being wrong will resonate with even people who don't really get the game theory or mechanics. So… bullish. I think these 50k price targets are silly. I think McAfee is right here – 1M seems like a legit target inside the next 3 years.

  8. To be honest, I dont think we will stay under 20K for a whole other year. Its an interesting theory but i really think we would see a run up months before the halving. More people know by now its going to happen so more people are going to buy some months before the halving. Wich would early out the effect.

  9. this was sad to watch if btc goes to 185k it will be disrupting major markets which makes predicting things this way most likely inaccurate.

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  11. What if there is so much demand that the chart breaks and we never know what the next top is because exchanges run out of coins and most exchanges die?

  12. Another great content Sunny – more than 35k view and nearly 2k likes. You are rocking it man! I like this theory although having in mind of the institutional money entering the market, the price can accelerate quicker and get even higher. Although the institutions may try to dip the price to get cheap BTC.

  13. Completely agree, such a different analysis approach which actually looks feasible.

    What’s your email address, we have some information to share with you.

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