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  1. So where is Lt. Ford Brody in King of the Monsters? It will not be the same without the soldier who destroys the MUTO’s nest, inadvertently saving Godzilla’s life.

  2. I would love to see the monsterverse grow like the mcu. Just not as many movies lmao i dont think we would need 21

  3. If Godzilla beheads the middle head of Ghidorah then Mecha Ghidorah confirmed.

    Or maybe Kong vs Godzilla will end in them teaming up to fight the government's Mechagodzilla that they will be inspired to make after Godzilla wins in KOTM.

  4. They should have made another Kong movie before their matchup unless they plan to make one after. Have him fight aliens or Introduce gigan in goji v kong

  5. Godzilla has more screentime in this video more than he does in his own movie. Gareth Edwards is the Rian Johnson of the kaiju genre.

  6. Yup I remember Godzilla (2014) being mega dark. You literally could see sh*t when watching that movie. I thought I went blind 30 minutes in. 😂

    Btw cant wait for that Godzilla x Kong x Jet Jaguar x Power Rangers movie in 2026.

  7. I remember all the E.O.D. guy stuff. But i dont think Godzilla was in that movie. Like something was going on around that E.O.D. guys life. But anytime that guy wasn't the focus of the moive it would cut away to what his wife and kid were doing.

  8. Everyone else: *Cheering about achieving a career goal or getting pregnant
    Me: Which movie should I watch next? 🍕🍟🧀🌮

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