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  1. Brian, how does local multiplayer work exactly? The Direct advertised levels were playable via multiple Switches in one location – are those playable on a single system, with multiple controllers, as well? Initially, it sounded as though the only thing playable on one system was the level creator.

  2. the theories that it could include other 3D Mario styles in 2D version are officially wrong by now?
    there is still the DLC possibility, if so, I guess.

    it seems amazing anyway tho, i'm just being greedy 😛

  3. Anyone else notice that (at least in the direct) under gamestyles there is a section called "Extra Game StyleS" (plural) with the only one in that category being 3D world?


  4. I have a question for fellow parents. My son is 8 and he always wanted super Mario maker but I don’t think he would like playing it as it’s very different from other Mario games. Seeing as there is a second one coming, is it worth buying to see if he’ll like it? From what I’ve researched it looks like a really hard game to play as some levels created look very confusing and difficult for a child. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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