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  1. I am not sure why this went under the radar on June 16th 2009. Its only other competitors on PS3/XBox 360 games were Prototype and Virtual Tennis with Red Faction: Guerrilla releasing the week prior.

  2. Ok I'm pretty sure this isn't in the game because it wasn't in the original release but….what if they added story co-op? That would really make me purchase this game again. But I'm pretty sure it isn't gonna be co-op.

    Please let it be co-op……

  3. New Ghostbusters 2 on NES is also an awesome Ghostbusters game. It wasn’t released in the US, but that’s the Ghostbusters game I knew when growing up. This remaster looks awesome though, didn’t play the PS3 version

  4. Wow! I just saw someone commenting the other day that they should remaster this game. Never thought it would happen! Beyond stoked right now!

  5. The original Ghostbusters game on Steam was replaced by those shitty GB games when the reboot happened. Now isn’t that evil or what?

    I’m glad that the Epic Games store is doing something right for once.

  6. I'm happy that there remastering this game but I feel like they're running out of ideas for video games to make now

  7. A perfect way to bring the ghostbusters back after their terrible year of 2016 (I sincerely apologize if I brought back bad memories to you or your loved ones)

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