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  1. Thanks for the video I would not have heard of that travel pack the WNDRD Provoke. There are a lot of good reviews on this one. Thanks for the great videos as always.

  2. If you want headphones, its B&O H9i or heathens.

    Also, getting an x-t2 used might be a better option. weather sealing and dual card slots with basically identical image quality.

  3. So this isnt really an ideal travel kit since its biased… I'm sure other computers would have been chosen if it wasnt an add

  4. I have to say growing up I was vehemently anti-Apple, starting from the Apple IIgs in elementary school, and that eventually carried over into disliking Apple customers as well. You sir, are the first Apple guy I could actually be friends with, and helped get me to switch to a MacBook Pro at work which has drastically changed my view. In general I like the machine but that keyboard is heinous to type on and will remain at the bottom of a long list of keyboard types I've used over the ages.

  5. 2:59 "actual ports!" hahaha!! But in 2020, USB 4.0 will come to the PC and Mac, and a USB-C connector will be a requirement. Look at that, Apple iChanged the world! But, sadly, they didn't change their prices and I want the old Aqua and the OS X name back.

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