Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision Price Scam – Were You Affected?

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  1. i sincerely hope that, if u have been in crypto for 4-5 years, u would be able to see this trash for what it is. otherwise i hope this should be a valuable lesson.

  2. Scams work on the basis that people are greedy (and stupid), and ta da, it's proven to be the case time and time again. Keep sharing the love TMI, slowly, slowly people may learn something and hold on to their money for a little longer.

  3. Free Bitcoin for me if you send me some. I will give you nothing back, this is not a scam, but you will be making me feel a lot better. Suckers!!!

  4. I never had BSV, but I had Bitcoin cash and got out of it at 200%, thank you Modern Investor. I will sleep better at night without having it.

  5. The good news is that EVENTUALLY the powers that be are going to want to move forward. What we regular people have to understand is that time is perceived differently when you're already rich! This all might still take a while.?

  6. If BSV is a scam then BCH is equally a scam, if people justify 420 Dollars for BCH then BSV should be valued at around the same price, because technically speaking, both have similar technical features. In a broader sense, one can argue that the price of any crypto currency is derived from market sentiment and what traders are willing to pay for a certain coin regardless of how advanced the technology behind it, this applies to all crypto currencies including Bitcoin.
    So I don't see any problem with BSV bumped price especially in relation to BCH. Almost every crypto currency out there is subject to bump or dump which is done systematically by big investors or players who controls the market, it is unethical but not illegal as for now until new regulations are enforced.

  7. if youre new to the crypto space you should be buying the real bitcoin…thats BTC not anything else until you truly understand what the project you are putting your money in is doing. i stick with the 80 percent bitcoin investment rule…if you are putting money into the space 80 percent in BTC guys…probably the best advice i can give you. i am 90 percent in bitcoin and the rest is in coins that im mining that i will eventually trade for bitcoin…NOT BSV NOT BCH!!! BITCOIN! this is something that is hard to grasp in the beginning because other coins are so cheap. bottom line is you are better off with 5 dollars worth of real bitcoin than 5 dollars in anything else

  8. LMAO @ "if it looks like a scam, smells like a scam" etc. There's risky and then there is plain stupid…know the difference people. Please!

  9. I told my co workers all about the good cryptos. Later guys told me they were using BitConnect(and that they are making a LOT of money! I said "You KNOW that is a scam right?" Russians… psst

  10. After all this bitcoin SV is still pumping. The digital asset market is cool of fools looking for a get rich quick scheme. Please get out so the real assets can breakthrough and shine. There is NO reason why Bcash and Bvision and Bdiamond and Bapples and Boranges should have so much money going into them. I see it as just clutter that needs to be put in the garbage.

  11. Yeahh yeah Graig Wright "Faketoshi" creates hype people will get burn no doubt. Thank you so much very informative news. Btw what happens to Vietnamese's Dong? Up or down? (Vietnam currency) Lolzzzz

  12. are chinese crypto investors really going to be more susceptible to misinformation because of the great fire wall? I'd imagine most of them are tech-savvy and have VPNs

  13. Your awareness videos impress me more than your pro bitcoin videos which impress me more than your Pro XRP/EOS videos which impress me more than your rest of the videos.

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