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  1. I want this phone….i felt amazing about this product.
    I accept that the price is on the much higher side
    But its good for regular tasks like calls, texts, Whatsapp, songs, emails …reading news, books….instead of carrying a big kindle…someone can use this one….its a great phone for Business people. Although they will be keeping another phone along with this but yes. I feel its a great phone and i will love to try this….I'm a business person and have lot of issues with battery backup of my s9+….i see lot of potential with this device

  2. I have seen the Lenovo yoga with this e ink display

    The keyboard section was made up of a e ink display. It’s kind of so slow but works

  3. Personally, I can imagine a legit market for a device like this, especially in say a warehouse & equipping it with a barcode scanner would be fantastic.

  4. I've been waiting for this phone. And yes, I like to read stuff on my phone, and calligraphy reference stuff too. I will totally buy it. And dang, the solid battery life!

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