Bitcoin Price… IT WAS OVER $9000

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. bull trap? yaa i dont know i mean i dont know, i mean yaaaa calling this a bull trap i mean i dont know i mean i dont think so. i dont think so…

  2. A video that would see you clearly over 100k subs

    I have a request, look what happen to you today sunny, good or bad on the results it was a clear shock/panick for you, from what i saw live,,,,, and will or has happen to the less experienced fans of yours that should be on the ball when trading,, selling,, stopping and catching the dips,, waiting for btc to settle again and resetting a stop.

    >>> NOTIFICATIONS/ALARMS & STOP LOSS/LIMITS across the common exchanges, apps, emails and alerts in general,, can you talk about this…

    Hands up i have had a hard time setting things up when my exchange (B) does not have any notification options,,, when it should to be honest,

    eg…. coinwink,, emails, sms options , push notifications, silent mode with overrides .. things that can get people back online when they have gone to bed,,, since i set mine up i sleep allot better,,,,, BTC never sleeps,,,, many of us buying in low with savings or even money we can afford to loose would love the help.

    I have : 1 new email address made for BTC,,, linked to coinwink,,, phone goes into silent mode but this email is the only one on overide with a pleasant song to wake me up,, but it will get my ass out of bed,,,, i have a stop limit 200 less than the alarm,,, if it drops hard well atleast it stopped out and i can watch and get back in or hold for it to settle,,, reset and then go back to bed.,,, you get the idea but sunny you can make a nice vid on this… noone else at your level has.

    Can you do something either in a daily video or even make one just for this subject above.

  3. Please consider this and let me know — how do you feel about NEVER sharing your holdings? Respectfully, saying 21 is great. BUT more people will ask you for some and more and more….plus if you just say "I can't reveal it" well yeah then that leaves an air of mystery… me Sunny 🌞☀💰📣 💰 this advice will help you — try it for 3 months. I am saying this for your protection because your parents require it too. You are their son and they want you absolutely safe and successful. My comment does not stem from ignorance or jealousy. Best to you all!!

  4. Hey Sunny, ignorier die Kommentare der Kiddys. Haben halt keine andere Beschäftigung als sich über andere lustig zu machen, so ist das Internet heute leider. Bitmex hat übel gelaggt. Machst super Content, weiter so!
    Grüße aus Germany

  5. Looks like possibly hidden bullish divergence on the hourly RSI after a drop out of bottom Bollinger band and crossing back in. I'm betting on possibly retesting $9k again in perhaps a couple or three days.

  6. Look at the one week chart for Bitcoin. It looks like a Bart Simpson with devil horns. I believe Bitcoin is going to explode. The whales did the pump and dump to buy more for less. Hang on boys and girls…

  7. Thanks to the bulls, they got shorted big time and lost it all. Now back to hodling again. Bitmex bulls who got liquidated, you shouldnt have FOMOed in at $8400-8500.., that was painful. It actually dropped below 7944! Leverage kills man.

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  9. 1k Baby….Sooner then you think. When The Stock Market Crashes, then and only then…we will Moon walk together…until then… your Lost in Space…;)

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