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  1. Hey everybody! Max here, the guy who wrote this video, who is also in the video!

    Before you jump in the comments and crap all over this video because it has a dumb title, or because you think you disagree with what you think it's about, could you do me a favor and actually watch it? A bunch of hard work went into making this.

    Thanks! -Max

  2. I've fallen down an mirror image rabbit hole that is a singularity, reflected in purgatory above the sky and where strands stem from the undead to the surface of the upside down ocean to the earth where rainbows appear to be inverse circumzenithal arcs and babies act as bridges to the player because the game is self aware that it is a game.

  3. Death stranding is gonna be like red dead 2 with these people there gonna have the littlest attention span and rate it a 6.5/10 because they don’t have the capacity for this game or any complex games

  4. I went back over the entire MGS story and it was actually a mess. I once thought it was classic and genius but it was kinda bad. I'm not sure if Kojima is going to pull this off.

  5. I have seen many theories to why it's a Metal Gear-game, but doubt it actually is. But game looks like something we have never played before and the not knowing everything beforehand is actually really refreshing. The game got nice graphics, bunch of real actors and u know Kojima delievers every time. I'm excited for it.

  6. Die Hard
    …. yep all names of films
    You guys should also have said that Kojima will cameo on Nicolas Wending Refn's new TV series " Too old to die young" …. Nicolas is also in Death Stranding.

  7. TLOU2, Predator Hunting Grounds, GTA 6, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, Watch Dogs 3, Ghost of Tsushima, Avengers Project, Control, Judgment & Man of Medan are all cops and some are goty worthy

  8. What really bums me out is that there are evidently so many dog tags in this game but so far no actual dogs have shown up in the trailers. In my mind, Death Stranding is a game that COULD potentially have many dogs in it, but we won't know for sure until it releases in November, and likely, I'll be severely disappointed by an utter lack of actual dogs in relation to an excessive amount of dog tags.

  9. Wait if the movie Dead Man is influenced on the movie then…

    P.T. connected to william blake follow by the movie death man and the movie then Death stranding? I’m confused ??‍♂️

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