HOW TO FLY A FPV RACE DRONE. UAVFUTURES Flight School – Lesson 1 Hovering.

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How to Fly An FPV Race Drone. Learn how to Fly a drone in the UAVFUTURES Flight school. Some step by step basics to help people fly their drone from beginners to professionals. Today’s lesson is hovering.

Drone –
Radio –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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  1. So this is a new series, Starting off at the very basics. Let me know what you guys think. Yes we could start off with a much more exciting episode but the idea is to create a playlist with lessons and exercises that will train and help people improve their flying up to the level where the can compete in a race. Love to know your thoughts. Stew.

    EDIT it won't replace any of the other videos, just extra content aimed at helping people enjoy the hobby. happy flying

  2. Hi Stu n crew thanks for these great features of yours on drones,
    After having major aorta surgery last year, I came across your channel whilst recovering and you got me hooked, I've just purchased a bugs pro 8. I know nothing as existing as the build versions like yours.
    I find it exhilarating at the age of 65, had to have a hobby, one half of me says act your age while the other half says you only live once so enjoy yourself,
    So thank you and your crew once again, from a big kid at heart.
    P.S. found your tutorials much more informative as you explained in plain English.

  3. Theres an app for phones that helped me alot. Its called fpv freerider. You can actually connect goggles and a controller to your phone and fly around on the simulator. It works without the goggles or controllers too. There is a pc version aswell but ita kinda nice doing it without a computer.

  4. For anyone who plans to fly drones, the usefulness of these beginner's lessons can't be overstretched. They sure help. Thanks for the info!

  5. I so need these lessons. Thank you for doing these lessons. You may get sick of my questions – fair warning HAHAHA It's not like flying the DJI Spark that is for sure! And yes, perhaps some more basics on flight control and the various flight modes on the controller and how they impact the pilots ability to do various maneuvers.

  6. Hovering was how I started as well.
    If you get too cocky and go too fast you'll get into trouble, so take your time.
    I tried to buzz around and turn around … on my first flight ever. Before I knew how to turn in acro. Took a week for the prop cuts to heal.
    And yes, this being my first race drone, I couldn't help but blip the power…

  7. Hi Stu,
    Whatever the other guys say, nothing is perfect. And nothing will ever be.
    Personaly, I'm excited to seeing the rest of the lessons you're proposing. No one is offering something like this.

  8. So what happened to the playlist Stu ?? Can't wait to see more….. This is the type of content that we beginners just can't find enough of in the community. Keep em coming bro !! 🙂

  9. Day 2 hovering and punch out… got away from me doing a punch dropped it on my shop bounced into back yard. Quad ok. Battery smashed pretty good. Next battery went a little slower.

  10. Onya Stu, would be a good idea to make these videos a bit longer. Those who actually care about learning will be happy to stick around.

  11. I am planning on getting the Bfight 210. With the BNF, what flysky reciever works best with the Flsky i6, the standard one? Is i AFHDS, or AFHDS 2A, or does it not matter? Thanks

  12. Are you hovering with goggles on I found facing kwad towards me helps control drift but I've only been flying fpv for 2 months now and still spend a few mins every chance hovering and just simple forward and stop movements thanks for all the good info yours wast the first build video I watched and inspired me to build mine

  13. So glad your doing this. I've been using other vids but I feel like it's a friend teaching me now. Hope that's not wierd seeing as we have never met and I'm a world away.

  14. by the way, I am not sure I should go to more "exciting lessons" until I figure out how to hover without uncontrollable bouncing. 🙂

  15. I read some of the folks talking about additional info to add for the new pilot.  This one is called hovering and that's what you do. The basics about drones and transmitters could be in another video perhaps lesson zero, Basic Understanding, but, if I remember correctly, you already have some videos that talk about flight modes or transmitter functions.  You could just add them as Prep Lessons.

  16. Hey Stew, you should probably state that this does not cater to first timer but someone that has learnt what flight modes there are and even how to arm and disarm a drone and all that jaz!

    Looking forward to the advanced course flying vids:)


  17. CAN SOMEONE PLS ANSWER THIS QUESTION: if i get a two pack of aomway clover antennas, will they both work on my googles and drone? or will it only work for my drone?

  18. This was literally the first thing I did when I finished my first quad lol. Been flying rc for sometime now but not fpv. Built my first quad last week

  19. gidday mate……. thanks for the great lessons!! …….i have difficulty flying with my goggles. do you have any suggestions for how I can learn? This is a new hobby for me!

  20. I've been trying to get into this as much as I can and the one thing I haven't found yet (maybe I missed it) is a good video describing the differences and such of transmitters, receivers and the more specific differences with antennae and vtx for the fpv goggle as opposed to the tx/rx for the controller

  21. UAV+++this is what I was looking for. Lessons from the PROS. Thank you, Stew. Now all I need is a cheap pair of Fat Shark goggles…I know, no such thing, but dreaming…is good.

  22. I would love to see more videos like this. It will help beginners like me get up to speed on controlling the our quads. I have been practicing in FPV mode but I developed the bad habits of angle mode. I noticed my goggles get distorted when i throttle up and move around a bit. Is that from my VTX or goggles or just to much interference ? my goggles are JJ pro vision with the eachine wizard vtx

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