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  1. The G series started something special, with the great device for great price ethos. However, there are so many great phones in the same price bracket these days.

  2. Does it work on sprint though. I searched gsm arena for phones with Sprints 3 LTE bands and the g7 and g7 power should up. But I see Motorola advertise it as a GSM phone.

  3. Motorola used to be a trusted name in electronics. They made most U.S. military and police radios. After Google bought Motorola they were still pretty decent, but not the "military grade" products we were used to seeing from Motorola. Then Google sold Motorola to a Levono, in Beijing China and now Motorola is just another junk Chinese product. I have no idea how Motorola phones pass FCC standards now, they cause so much RFI (radio frequency interference) you can't get a Motorola phone anywhere near a computer or anything with a speaker speaker (within about 20 to 30 foot) without it causing a horrible noise. I will never buy another Motorola cell phone. Motorola used to be a good phone but since it's now made in China they are the worst phones I've ever owned.

  4. It's a great phone and I love it! Never had problems with it, I had to be patient how to use it properly after reading the information and introduction! 👍😊😍😊😍👍👍

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