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  1. Based on how Xiaomi's infamous "Flash sale" business practice has been going about, we can confidently say that the company is promoting Black marketing and hoarding. Tragically, we Indians at large have been quite indifferent to it.

  2. I'm not Indian, but boy this is one of the best Smartphone review ever. Means your other videos must be great too.

    I just subscribed, I'll be sharing this one after me comment.

    Great job, really.

  3. There is no redmi note 7 pro in my country, so I was trying to decide between the redmi note 7 and realme 3 pro. Do you think I should spend a little extra and get the 3 pro or get the note 7?

  4. Great review …

    did you include:
    1. Camera quality (front & Back) (night & day use) (photo & video) (ease of use)
    2. Speaker clarity
    3. Software Usability
    4. Charge times
    5. External device connectivity (headphones, bluetooth devices)

  5. Xiaomi ki MKB. Phone stock me hai nahi aur chale hai bechne. 3 months and people are still dependent on flash sale. G** me ghusa lo flash sale BC. Not available in stores either. In my city, MI stores get like 2-3 handsets every week. I was planning to buy it but enough is enough. Redmi walon!!! Tumhari aisi ki taisi. I would rather buy some other product. ^&%^&$^&($^

  6. Should you buy no dont buy it im a worker at mobile shop i know all about phones chips all but redmi note 7 pro as they mention its not good for gaming asphalt 9 and other gameloft games ark madout these games lagg like hell pubg us little bit smooth but if you are a gamer dont buy this even pocco f1 its waste if you are a gamer camara man and heavy duty worker buy one plus 6t the price will eventually drop as oneplus 7 comes to market thank you

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