Virtual reality — how the metaverse will change filmmaking | George Bloom | TEDxHollywood

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this talk, George introduces the concept of the “metaverse” and …


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  1. VR will not be commercially successful until we get rid of "goggles" Those things are clunky and dorky looking. Until we can miniaturize things to the point of using glasses (or better yet, contact lenses) VR will continue to be niche. Nobody wants to look like a space alien.

  2. All these ideas are no longer desired by the American people(s). Hollywood itself is DEAD! It should be seen to everyone that no one buys what they sell any longer. The virtual reality tied to it is a large part of this! America and the world want real reality more than ever–They said as much in 2016. America returns to Christianity fully! Everything lives and will be as The Most High God has made it and the people(s) of the world run as fast to Him as they possibly can, and away from all this virtual lie. America healed. America reborn.

  3. What if I tell you, this is not happening for the first time. What if we are just another generation that encounters to simulate life, and one day the AI in our simulation will simulate its own virtual reality…………….

  4. VR is not the future in my opinion. For simulators and surgery it has very good use yes but for entertainment it is very inconvenient, requires a lot more work in terms of design work/bandwidth/computational power. It covers your entire field of view. It won't work for films as they are designed to direct your eye. You can very easily miss something important. I just don't see it being that big, and already people are seeing it as the fad that it is.

  5. 04:30 – "now, this will kill so many jobs for people who have spent their life mastering their trade.. (pause for a beat as if you care) but anyway, here's how awesome my tech is!!"

  6. vr is like stereo. check out the ads and verberige from the day, late sixties early seventies. stereo was to be the access point to the inner brain. it was going to revolutionize us as a species……. blah blah blah. vr is the same thing. no big whup. in fact the amount of hype around vr suggests to me this is just a huge money grab.

  7. Nothing changes – all this has already happened in sound. You can make a professional quality music album at home, but you can't monetize it without the backing of the corporation. And you can't get backing from the corporation unless they choose you. And they won't choose you unless the work is what THEY say is marketable. And they won't say it's marketable unless it's the same crap that they have marketed before. So what makes money? The same old same old. This cycle will be similar in the moving pictures realm. The corporation will make movies cheaper and cheaper, but still demand the same ticket price. The same boring storylines will be retold with better cgi and less soul. This talk also touches on another problem with movie making, particularly Hollywood – outsiders are not welcome. The only people going to film school are the offspring and associates of the movie industry. Just like this guy. So the struggling waitress or barman who cuts together a brilliant promo at home using all this technology, is still overlooked in preference for the mundane idea, produced by some big director's rugrat. And as this sort of technology shrinks the potential job opportunities, so much more the problem of nepotism will increase and the projects that get up will be more and more inbred and exclusive.

  8. So… you mean Second Life? It works with the Oculus too. And so will Project Sansar.
    Didn't Philip Rosedale go over all this on TED?

    People still don't get that the 'metaverse' is the internet in 3D. Second Life has proven people are not ready. They want to see the bad in it. It's like they're saying your Internet Explorer is bad because it has adult content so you shouldn't use the internet. Most of us developers understand that it's not the Internet explorer program but rather the people using it.
    When the rest of the world gets beyond that understanding then maybe the metaverse will happen.

  9. like he said, virtual immortallity, after you dei, you get your friends to manage your avatar, or maybe leave some "real" money after you die in a fund, which manages your virtual assets

  10. Interesting, sounds like the matrix all over again. Though I suppose we can at least keep 80% of the worlds population pre-occupied in this virtual universe while the rest of us try to sort out the problems of the real world.

  11. For me, this is the best Ted Talk ever. I couldn't have imagined there was such a guy with so much passion for this topic. I thought only video game companies are interested in it.

  12. Virtual reality will indeed be the future of tomorrow. Imagine working and earning cash in a virtual reality world.. people who are physically handicapped could participate in contributing to the economy by translating their work on virtual reality to real time.

    Also, virtual reality will solve land constraint problems.. you will no longer need vast amount of land since space in virtual reality is infinite.

    All you need in real life is actually food, exercise and healthcare for survival purposes. The rest could be done on virtual reality. Even virtual reality can be a platform for exercise through motion and movement.

    The less use of resources and wastage in real life would mean higher distribution of wealth even to people suffering from poverty. This will eventually solve the poor-rich gap in all countries.

    I'm so looking forward for the emergence of virtual reality in full scale.

  13. i'm in love with this ! this is exacly why i want to be an angineer <3 
    i'm gonna talk abt this in my english presentation thanks GEORGE BLOOM 🙂

  14. Also, Bloom is saying that V.R is going to interrupt the film industry by cutting travel and production costs but not mentioning that it also changes what it means to have actors and what it means to act. I'm definitely in support of V.R, I want to walk on the surface of the sun and all, but that's what it'll be used for, not B.S computer animated attempts at miming human beings interacting with each other.  

  15. Bloom seems to imply that the circa $45 million per season budget of Game of Thrones is akin to ecocide. Carbon footprint graph at 4:32 However they do cut costs by using computer animated dragons. 

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