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  1. Apple could have made this exact same product with the exact same materials and everything, slap the Apple logo on it and sell it for 400$ and people would gobble it. But because it's not Apple, not much people are gonna buy it.

  2. I dont think its a clone because apple didnt invent wireless charging and they didnt invent white coloured products sooooo no?

  3. Apple's charging speed: 3hr + ( 1000$ )
    My phone's charging speed: 1hr 15 minutes ( 200$ Realme 3 pro 😎 )
    Do the MATH πŸ˜‚

  4. I think wireless charging is useless until we are able to actually grab the phone and move around while changing. I never find a practical reason to have it that makes it worth while

    Other than that I would stay with wires

  5. Love how he is using the iPhone and Pixel to show off the wireless charging but is still using the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus brick cause OnePlus is that good

  6. The truth is apple went ahead trying to create thier own charging standard (πŸ’°) and failed spectacularly. Instead of just following the industry standard they cancelled the product.

  7. I wonder if Apple was strictly trying to do what they originally planned the whole time or if they considered spot charging with, say, 9 coils per to give a little more room

  8. $99 for that airpower alternative is so expensive, I tried a Slicecharge from Kickstarter and the function of the wireless charging pad is the same as this one on the video for the cheaper price!

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