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  1. Lue advised that One plus is a better brand, or at least more well known brand than Xiaomi. I believe that's the problem with North American consumers – Apple, Samsung and some know one plus and that's it. The world is bigger and with more variety than what people in North America may think. Xiaomi for instance, is the 4 most biggest mobile company in the world. Not only that, they have hundreds of products in an affordable prices but with great building quality and amazing value. Wish more Youtubers from the North American side provide us more videos like this, since in this Era, the tech world, and the mobile in particular, has so much to offer.

  2. Only USB 2.0 is a real bummer, but other than that it's ok I guess. It sucks when you have a killer SoC and then the phone doesn't take advantage of the features of that SoC.
    Like 802.11AD would have been amazing, but when you cut price, corners will be cut too.

  3. It's more than that with OnePlus it has nothing to do with anything you said what it has to do mostly with is the official unofficial waterproof then the customisation as well as the execution of the OS it's only second to stock and even then it's sometimes better on top of that they have regular updates on their own aside from Google and in addition to being with T-Mobile even before that they had more bands available or they have more now than regular Chinese phones to be used properly worldwide with the signal for cell phone as well as the USB fast transfer and of course warp charge which you can also use Dash charge if you have that and not a warp the reason that's a huge deal is because it saves the battery the phone doesn't overheat with the liquid cooling but even if it didn't have it it doesn't get hot and it doesn't matter how intense the phone is being used it still going to charge as if it's off these are major factors that you paid for and also you're paying 50% less than a flagship to be in the same realm even though it's not the exact same so it's not as basic as you make it out to be plus you don't even have the 360 version in your hand and you haven't let us know how much the price difference is or what years cost like I said before come on you perceive yourself to be so intelligent what about these things you're not a rookie anymore Lou step your game up stop concentrating on your talk show and get this right when you review

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