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  1. No! What's a point of seeing it through vr?!?! How this is helping humanity? To make mas media more powerful and to brainwash masses? You kidding me? This is so dark and evil!!!! Vr have a lot better uses than this shit!!

  2. Hey Sony, ditch the glowing controls on the next gen. It looks like a bad prop from the old Battle Star Gallactica from the 70's. Work on a more sophisticated look. Just a suggestion.

  3. The media is going to use virtual reality two fake news and events that previously they used green screens for. Like the planes on 9/11. They were CGI. And all interviews that you seen of people on 911 we're actually in a Hollywood studio in front of a green screen. This was done so they could control the narrative and say that airplanes hit the buildings that they really demolished by taking the floors out first and blowing it up. The laws of physics do not let buildings fall like those buildings fell. It just cannot happen there is not enough energy in the building to pile drive itself to the ground turning concrete into a fine dust. And also eject beans at 60 miles an hour perpendicular to the building. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that those buildings were demolished. Think of having a piece of rubber that is 6 in tall and 1/4 inch in diameter. If you push down on the rubber it will bend and then at some point it's going to go flying think about your hand at that point when it happens. All of the energy was used to fling the rubber and the only energy left is from the mass of what was pushing it down.. you cannot use energy to fling beans hundreds of yards and still have enough energy left over to crush the building below it

  4. Back before the internet and tv people could only rely on what they were told in the papers or the radio and there was no or very limited alternate opinion than that. "History is told by the victors" as they say. Now we have a multitude of media filled with truths and lies and really I don't see VR or AR being something that would be exclusively one sided to one or the other. Hate it or love it both must learn to adapt with the times. Right now though VR dose have the drawback of causing motion sickness so that media is very limited and expensive besides phone vr. Perhaps years from now it will be more common place where people buy cheap pills that counteract the nausea they feel specifically tailor made to let people sit all day in VR like they do in front of tv now but for the time people are still adjusting and adapting to this new media

  5. manipulating facts in vr is problematic because this will become the most powerful and efficient weapon for misleading and propaganda , solutions are needed

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