DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin Price to $20,000 SOON?

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🚨DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin Price to $20,000? ❗️

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🚨DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin Price to $20,000? ❗️

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  2. ГонКонг….. межбанк в Гонконге 😱

    HKD 1 Month Hibor Rises To 2.42%; Highest Since Oct 2008 …на этом рынке самый большой пузырь в мире недвижимости…когда начнется резкий спад рынка США….. начнут девальвироваться HKD доллары, то ЦБ Гонконга вынужден будет начать повышать ставки быстрее… это вызовер разрыв пузыря на рынке акций и недвиги вот тогда из Азии злынет просто огромное кол-во денег в крипту! Все будет совместно с Brexit и падение рынка акций США + девальвация юаня!

  3. You have a lot more experience than I do, but there's so much profit at this point to be taken in Litecoin and people are so aware of the halfening andaz trading of these markets gets more mature, we're going to hit a point where it's we already bought the rumor now we're going to sell the news. I believe it's going to start suddenly I don't know when but when it does it'll be sudden it'll be fast and it'll be steep.,

  4. Hey davinci. I know you're really busy drinking Margaretta's with Chris and going in boat cruises.😉 But could you do another video soon on your newest play given this new news? Thanks so much. 😊

  5. Hey Chris. Would realy appreciate this answer. Can you ask davinci at what price or
    ratio to BTC would you convert from LTC to BTC? thinking if LTC pumps before halvening or continues to pump may be a good idea to convert

  6. 3k by EOY 2020. In the mean time it will not go above 20k and keep hovering around 10-14k massive swings. Then few months before the halving time the use case revolution kicks in and 99% of wanna be moon boys will get rekt.

  7. Thanks guys you are both the best. Love your humour and warm personalities just as much as the TA. I'm happy if it goes either way . Also wouldn't be surprised if it was 20k by the end of the year.

  8. Are we really rejecting or is it the whales playing. I know around 9k we were pushed down by a whale. I don't think 20k is possible with these whales who FOMO and sell they don't let the price go up. Until the exchanges team up on their sell policy to prevent this its still going on. All the exchanges and wallets meet to meet yearly at a undisclosed location or online. At these meetings they need to agree on some policy. But that will never happen. Bitcoin has no leader. Unless someone does a go to meeting with all the exchanges next months. I've lately heard some weirdo wants to destroy bitcoin. Talk about haters out there. Something must be done. Can someone afford go to meeting. and get it going.

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