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About the Author: Frédéric Dauch RC


  1. Yes what Paul said… Great flying and nice rig.. I have a beginner quad..kinda.. ok I'm the beginner.. ZMR250 with Zippy 3S 1800 mah 25c on all carbon fiber frame.. not the chinese knock off.. 1804-2400kv motors… flying line of sight ATM.. trying to save up for some Fatsharks.. but I keep praticing when I can, I'm married so it's hard to get money hidden.. 🙂 my radio for now is the Spectrum DX6i CC3D board.. I just ordered the Runcam HD with the 2.8lens.. and 850mah battery .. can't wait to get some clips with it.. 🙂 and Frederic Thanks for sharing this great vid with us.. it's inspiring !!

  2. Man this is awesome….I just ordered a syma x5c and ahubsan x4 h107l…as soon as I learn to fly I gonaa dive into an fpv system.This is insane!

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