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Since there isn’t a trick vocab for fpving “The trick” was thought up by Josh Haywood at the Liftrc Xmas staff party on Dec 19. There is a trick we have been calling the proxy flip. You’ll see me doing them a lot in this edit, its my new thing and they are fun as hell:) You enter an over under and when you exit you do a slow backflip while keeping the roof/top of the object in view the entire time, ending up back at the entry point (you’ll need at least 45degrees of camera tilt to proxy flip). Josh said, “why not a proxy flip in reverse?” Naturally within minutes we had the sim setup to see if it was possible. I was inspired and up for the challenge. I woke up the next day and wanted to land this trick rain or shine. By the end I had a good feel for the trick but be prepared for some solid crashing attempting this maneuver. This trick is all feel and spacial awareness. Hopefully the footy I put at the end will help you wrap your brain around the trick if you wanted to try something new. Also snuck in the reverse knife edge (The dagger):) Big thanks to Josh, Eric and Chris for coaching and helping with a repair. As always push the limits and try what you don’t think is possible.

Thank you for watching and supporting.


Proof of real time – https://youtu.be/ARqq1B_1cy0

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Gopro 4s 1300mah AUW 512g
4s 1300mah race weight AUW 420g
No battery frame only AUW 272g

frame 210 -https://www.liftrc.com/lrc-race-5inch

motors http://rotorgeeks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=396&search=2300



props- 5×4.5 Dal Bullnose V2 – www.dalprops.com

controller tx and rx-

Frsky SBUS

video tx and rx-
https://www.liftrc.com/lumenier-tx5g6-mini-600mw-5-8ghz-32ch-fpv-transmitter / https://www.liftrc.com/fat-shark-5-8ghz-race-bands-receiver-module-for-dominators


with fan adaptor

fpv camera- Pico cam

batteries- http://rotorgeeks.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=true%20lipo

Gopro Hero 4 black edition – Superview 60 fps

Iphone 6s+ 1080 60fps /120fps


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  1. cool flight, did you have dirt on lens? i just got session 4 and wasnt that i wanted it just the only small cam that was cheap enough and i had just other day a spot on my video and im not sure if sun or slight dirt caused it to show up. Any ideas?

  2. Outstanding Matty! You wanna come to South Africa? We're trying to get things going here and I think you could give things a boost. if you're keen, lets talk. Take Care. Rae.

  3. Deep respekt, pure magic when its finest….. Hope you get what i meen, sorry about my old rusty school english im from Denmark, you should Come over here and fly some time 😉

  4. Dear mr Matty, I must say you have an unbelievable smooth flying style. All of your videos are a joy to watch and for many like me an inspiration to push the envelope. You got me as a fan, that's for sure. I keep finding it amazing how stable and smooth the video footage itself is. In case it is hard mounted to your frame, your frame and settings itself must be perfectly tuned. Again, keep it coming, you were the reason I started flying these quads after many years of 3D airplane flying. Greetings from Belgium.


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