Definitely NOT for BEGINNERS – Kraken 5 PRO racing drone.

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Avant has a new 5 inch racing drone that is propably too fast for beginners.
also i got this message in my email “We will have a batch of toothpick frames arrived tomorrow morning
and we’ll be offering an additional free toothpick frame + 10% off for
the bind n fly models.” so try the codes “uavfutures” or”avant10″ and see what happens

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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  1. Kraken lijnk –
    also i got this message in my email "We will have a batch of toothpick frames arrived tomorrow morning
    and we'll be offering an additional free toothpick frame + 10% off for
    the bind n fly models."

    so try the codes "uavfutures" or"avant10" and see what happens ???

  2. I forgot to mention, that after trying to set up my TurboBee for about 3 hours, just trying to use cli input, I took it to a mate who has set up quite a few quads. He had trouble trying to get it to bind as well, then he looked up the stack and saw it had a bind button, and YAY, we finally got it bound to my radio. We both use spektrum by the way, is it only the spektrum radios, or all the different protocols? If it’s them all, might be an idea to mention it in your reviews. Otherwise you’re doing a good job with your reviews.

  3. You're skills are far better then most people's Stu! It would be interesting to see best lap times between the Kraken and the Wind 5. The name reminds me of the two infamous Scots queers, Ben Dover & Phil McKraken?

  4. I don't think $350 is really outrageous, when you add up the components they use, R6 motors are a $100 alone, $60 ESC,$40-50 Runcam, $40-50 for TBS VTX, $20 VTX ant, $50 Flight controller, $15 Reciver, $75 – 100 Frame. You pay for the high quality, but you get what you pay for. There are cheaper RDF's out there for sure but you find that you like some things and want to upgrade other things, either way by the time you get it upgraded to the way you like it, you probably will drop at least $300 on the package.

  5. Apart from different props, the camera on top probably also slowed it down a bit. Damn it stu, I’ve just got my turbobee set up tonight and now you’re making me feel like taking a good long look at this lol. Maybe when i get used to the turbobee I might get one of those beasts.

  6. Too expensive for what you get. The Wind 5 has higher spec, FC, ESC, and VTX, and is $120 U.S. cheaper? It is a nice quad, but not great value by comparison? They should lose the "free" tooth pick frame and price it more competitively in my opinion.

  7. Should have an f7 in it. For a beginner you could throttle curve it but this frame wouldnt be strong enough for a beginner. Besides a beginner should start with a micro like the et 115v2 or the tinny hawk. I strted on brushed about 3 years ago and learned from there.

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