The dawn of the virtual reality in architecture | Gunita Kulikovska | TEDxRiga

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Gunita is sharing her experience in research of how the virtual reality technologies can be used in the work of architect. She believes it can totally revolutionize …


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  1. hi! is there someone who can give me a tip how I can start with virtual reality work? I am a ´classical´ engineer, electricity and power systems, but I would like to get on the virtual reality train… Thanks

  2. The big issue between clients and architects is that sometimes its diffcult to let clients know what the architects' thinking or the design idea. In communication, the graphics or drawing is more efficient than words, and 3D model provides more visual effects than 2D graphics. Now VR in architecture creates the virtual enivronment of the buildings, it will make clients to understand what is going on in those inside spaces within the building. The better way of communication in architecture. COOL THING.

  3. I am also very interested in VR in architecture. But have real concerns of how it has not been integrated in the education and the Professors in university do not seem to accept the versatility of the technology. I am a masters interior architecture student and used it to visualize everything in my last project,. The professors were super impressed but told me it was something that wouldn't catch on… which is ridiculous. I think is sad that in education there is no room for the new generation of innovators to start right away in teaching positions and we have to receive "old knowledge" that is already out-dated when we start to work…

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