$6,000 Bitcoin? Why the Masses Get Things Wrong

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$6,000 Bitcoin? Why the Masses Get Things Wrong

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. There is actually a higher shoulder forming into fruitition. Shorts get killed. TP 11500, 15500 next is head TP 18500 TP 228500 right shoulder TP 12500 18500

  2. Hey everyone please don't forget to thumbs down all videos from the channel: "crypto daily official," thats the one that bizzarely sued our beloved one and only Cryptodaily in a bid to steal his hard earned $ and channel name! ….

  3. The masses are wrong in the retracement to 6 k.
    The true retracement will be to 1 k, i.e, the hyperwave theory of Tyler Jenks will be fulfilled.

  4. what about the fundamentals with regard to who really created Bitcoin, the subsequent murders, the possibility of the coin being an on going federal money laundering investigation? I am bullish on crypto(arrest the illegal Federal reserve, which is neither federal public sector or a currency reserve) but I think the Paul Leroux story is just too damning to ignore, I think some people are going to be indicted for racketeering over this and the human trafficking aspect is even more menacing a cloud on the horizon

  5. this is what happens with longer videos from other youtubers (for me anyway). I tune out and begin day dreaming about bitcoin mooning, Then they say something that catches my attention and I smash j a few times and tune back in. then i repeat the process for the rest of the video.
    Your videos on the otherhand have me glued to the screen for its entirety. oh and has anyone noted your hilarious.
    keep it up bro 😀

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