BULLISH On Bitcoin, Binance Margin Trading, TON Public ICO & Bitcoin Will Dominate The World

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  1. But the point of some exchanges is to. Buy and sell when the price rises and accumulate more crypto. Its a growing asset like a 401 k except the monitary value isn't based on USD like 401 k that inflation loses value.. Bitcoin is a 401k with a stable n growing value like a new safty USD

  2. Criminals dictate the laws we have in society. If 99 people use Bitcoin for good purposes, pay their taxes, don't engage in crime… and 1 person uses it for money laundering… then a government will impose a law on all 100 people… restricting Bitcoin or even banning it outright.

  3. Good people simply can't lie, But bad people can lie! Corrupt bankers. regulators, politicians, business people etc will lie to keep secrets so that they can profit. They will use smoke and mirrors magic to distract people to allow them to pull off their scam and profit.

    Simple social engineering, manipulation, and mathematics.

  4. I usually love your videos but, they are only gathering data. Any normal trading platform for traditional markets are required to keep this type of data too. If you donโ€™t like Coinbase because they have limits on what you can withdraw thatโ€™s fine. This type of regulation isnโ€™t a bad thing unless you are try to not pay taxes. I hope one day that FDIC will insure deposits on crypto exchanges. As an American, I want to do business with a company thatโ€™s in my country. This allows me to take legal action towards that company. Any exchange not in your country easily can steal your money.

  5. Crypto is now being recognized. Regulations around crypto means its here to stay, and the government knows they cant do anything about it except regulate it.

  6. The Global Elite aka Banksters will always control any type of currency so it can be taxed. At least in the US. This will get interesting as more items can be purchased with Crypto and not have to be converted into fiat through US banks which is the problem.

  7. What if Satoshi is really the U.S. Govt? Imagine a cashless world, I buy a chicken from my neighbor and we exchange BTC/XrP . If I use cash only we are aware, but with crypto it is a taxable event. Everything you buy,sell or use is on the blockchain forever. That's a lot of control. No privacy, no exchange of any goods or services without theft.(Taxation)..

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