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  1. @orange juice / comparing to the FRISBEE 150$ apple keyboard thats a S T E A L. Hoever unless u dont follow the stock Markets the Iphones themselfs became frisbee's so are Warren Buffets money. THEY HAVE MILKED THE COW ( Steve Jobs) FOR ALMOST A DECADE 6 FEET UNDER. WHAT EXACTLY HAVE THEY SOLD AS A NEW THING SINCE THEN . 1000 $ to whoever has an answer… thats credit to JOBS. Im sure he is screaming from the afterlife for hiring A WORST CEO than SCALLEY

  2. I recently bought this keyboard from eBay – it was a lot cheaper than buying new and it was in excellent condition and it is the best keyboard I have ever owned. I bought the same one shown in this video as I wanted the backlit version. Excellent. I bought it on the strength of this review.

  3. I'd totally go for the Azio Mk Mac if they offered a tenkeyless version, but I can't locate one on their web site. It looks like the only one they make in smaller size is the retro, and it's a bit too small even if I liked the style (I do not).

  4. Bought this keyboard because of this video and it gave out in two weeks . 🙁 Read the 1 star reviews in Amazon . It dies after sometime of using the it won't turn on . I was using the wired version.

  5. Thanks for the review, Lou (I hope I spelled your name right). I have been searching for hours upon hours for a mechanical keyboard that works perfectly with Mac. I have a Quickfire with Cherry MX Blue switches and I love it. Personally, blue switches are my fave. I had to write a piece of code to get my keyboard to work properly with my Mac, but it's a total hack and doesn't work well all of the time. I don't have the patience for that, so I am switching to this. Only disappointing thing is that they are brown switches 🙁 You can't have it all though, and this is EXACTLY what I need. Besides, it does mesh well with the Apple aesthetics. Also, they have a Bluetooth version of this but they lack backlit keys because they need the power from the USB, so you definitely reviewed the right one. I dig it!

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