Huge News For Bitcoin! ICE & Bakkt Will Take Us To The Moon! Must Watch! #Podcast 73

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Bakkt news & FATF regulation for crypto. Moon Boys talk it out.

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  1. Hey Crypto Mug Investors, say, I view a few crypto youtubers, including your's of which I like as well. In supporting your channels, I believe in sharing links or information to get different perspectives. Check out Crypto Savy on youtube. He is gaining popularity with his "Keep it Simple" message. I think you will like him. He thinks Bitcoin is going to 46,000 by end of year. (Not financial advice or course) And, he shows how and why. Keep up the great videos, very entertaining and great support!!! Wish your prosperity!!! KJ

  2. I agree, the exchanges need to stop counterfeiting our cryptos. Call a "Derivative" by its real name: "Counterfeit"! And by the same token, all tax money spent by the government needs to be recorded on a blockchain so we can see where they've been wasting it.

  3. The only thing i have to hide is my privacy and that is worth hiding.

    It's none of coinbase's business how i spend a ยฃ1000. In the uk we pay our taxes through the honor system, we work on trust. It's down to me to report my taxes correctly.

    Yes I get it, anti-money laundering.. We most stop the terrorist. However i'm not looking to launder money or fund the next revolution anytime soon.

    All this will do is speed up the process of privacy on Bitcoin etc :o)

  4. Wrong, lots of reasons to want to stay private and anonymous that's got nothing to do with criminality. For instance if you are in a third world country with a socialist regime that is openly talking about the confiscation of assets … no not happy.

  5. What is the best strategy to multiply crypto portfolio, if it's already down -60%? Should I buy just bitcoin and wait until portfolio recovers its value or it is better to buy 10 altcoins and wait until each of them will explode x2-x3 and after that exchange it to bitcoin?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. i'm not sure people can even begin to grasp and even begin to realize the massive tsunami of money coming in from bakkt alone. This is going to be scary how many new very rich millionaire cyrpto hodlers will be in the very near future, it sounds like hype. But it isn't because this is tsuami and tsunami of money coming in and this is happening. This will be ridiculous parabolic move in cryptos. Its going get very scary.

  7. Definitely agree with you on the Coinbase Visa card. In fact Coinbase created it as a transitioning payment method. Itโ€™s certainly not their end solution.

  8. Great advice lads to take your coins off the exchanges – if you don't hold the private keys to don't own your coins. Get them safe into your own wallets people!!

  9. I' m old (56)…and am in cryptos…since 2017 (end of). Still HODLing..) There are some of us late stage babyboomers willing to stay open, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great vids guys!!!!

  10. We dont want Regs man. Bitcoin is our money not fucking theirs. who the fuck are they to tax us?. the whole point of bitcoin is our freedom from our money printing masters. ALL TAX IS THEFT. FULL STOP.

  11. Yep! โ€˜When you are long you canโ€™t go wrongโ€™
    Bitcoin Bakkt news is really good news..๐ŸŒ๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    When Lambo to be replaced by When Lexus.. John Kim 77 has just signed up the Beverley Hills John Falk luxury Lexus dealership to accept ลitecoin payments. ๐ŸŒ๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ

  12. So true, I'd feel sick too to sell and go to bed with euros and no bitcoin. Bitcoin feels so valuable. Many members of the resistance share this feeling

  13. Lol, that shit will never fly, so these assholes want the exchanges to tell where a thousand dollars went? Wtf? $1000 dollars…I suppose you canโ€™t yap about shit on YouTube or get thrown off it..Fucking asshole regulators? We donโ€™t care about them…I also donโ€™t want bakkt..itโ€™s bullshit as well…

  14. Bakkt, Microsoft Ion, Fidelity etc. Plus all the companies in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. Big things coming. Now just imagine what happens if Italy breaks the Euro…..

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